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Insulating bent glass

It is produced by bending and then assembling two or more bent glasses with a possible combination of most of the listed simple and safety glasses with a spacer aluminum profile filled with desiccant and applied with a permanently plastic adhesive sealant and an external permanently flexible volcanic sealant. The distance profile can also be used in the TGI variant or, to a limited extent, stainless steel - Nirotec. These systems create a hermetic closure of the space between the glasses.

Bended insulating glasses reach the value of the coefficient of heat transfer, denoted "k" or more recently U (W·m-1·K-1) values of 2.8-3.0 when using ordinary glasses or 1.2-1.9 when using type glasses "Low E" or application of inert gas into the interstitial space

Glass with an anti-sun coating such as Stopsol classic, Stopsol Supersilver or Antelio can be used for insulating glass, both in clear and in green, brown, gray, blue. You can also use glass colored in planibel or parsol green, brown, gray and blue. Insulating glass can be combined with sandblasted glass, or Matelux or Satinato chemically matted glass, or ornamental glass can also be used

Insulating glass can also be produced in combination with safety laminated glass, which ensures increased security against penetration, protection against noise and flying fragments. Different types of foil can be used, both classic PVB and SounControl foil - they are among the commonly used foils that increase sound comfort - thus ensuring increased noise protection. Another type of foil used as a standard is EVA foil.

Sealing: commonly used sealant is polyurethane-based, thiokol sealants can also be used, silicone – standard Dow Corning 3362

Dimensions: maximum dimension 3700 x 2700mm - maximum dimension is limited by radius, depth of deflection and bending angle - please consult for details.

Radii: minimum radii R 200 – 300mm, the maximum radius is not limited - the minimum radii are also limited by the strength of the glass and the width of the distance profile - in general, the smaller the radius, the smaller the distance profile - please consult for details.

Insulating bent glass

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