ikona Bent glass simple

Bent glass simple

All clear glass in thicknesses from 2 to 25 mm can be bent

glass colored in Planibely, Parsol - transparent colored glass produced by adding metal oxides to enamel during melting. These glasses are characterized by a colored effect, weak light reflection and absorption of solar radiation. These glasses are standardly produced in thicknesses of 3 – 12 mm. Color shades - green Planibel Green, blue - Planibel Azur, Planibel PrivaBlue, Planibel Dark Blue, gray Planibel Grey, bronze Planibel Bronz.

glasses with pyrolytically applied so-called "hard" layers of Stopsol, (Antelia) - transparent reflective manufactured in two variants Stopsol Classic with silver reflection with a soft amber shade and Stopsol Supersilver with a strong silver reflection. Stopsols are produced in clear, bronze, grey, green and blue shades.

glasses with pyrolytically applied so-called "hard" Low E layers of the Planibel G type, or EKO, which are most often used in insulating glasses for their thermal insulating properties

ornamental glass of all patterns and colors: Bark, Kathedral, Krizet, Galaxy, Atlantic, Confeta, Alexandria, Bucny, Nordic, Twist, Travertino, Flint, Diamante, Marine, Sahara, Crepi, Garten, Crossfield, Stalactit, Altdeutsch, Croco, Listral , Flora, Antique, Madera, Mastercarre, Masterligne, Masterpoint, Masterlens, Silvit, Orient, Frost, Chinchila, Silvit, Breeze, Gothic, Delta, Niagara, Bamboo, Dalcobel, Diamante 9, 33/33, Flutes, Departure, Patterned 130 , Polar, Satinbel, Screen, Sguare

Wire glass, after technical consultation with the manufacturer, as well as cast wire glass or fire-resistant polished wire glass

It bends opaque (opaque) glass, sandblasted (matted) glass, chemically matted glass - Satinato, Matelux or glass with all-over printed or enamelled glass that can be printed with any color or inscription according to the RAL shade. Bent enameled glasses are without internal stress (they are not hardened).

Mirrors – produced by bending clear glasses that become mirrored after bending.

Dimensions: maximum dimension 3700 x 2700mm - maximum dimension is limited by radius, depth of deflection and angle of bend - please consult for details.

Radii: minimum radii R 100 – 120mm, maximum radius is not limited – minimum radii are also limited by the strength of the glass – please consult for details.

Bent glass simple

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