ikona Tempered flat glass

Tempered flat glass

Commonly tempered glass in a thickness of 3 – 19 mm

Commonly cemented PLANIBEL, planibel bronze, planibel green, planibel grey, planibel azur, planibel PrivaBlue, planibel Dark blue, STOPSOL supersilver i classic in shades of clear, bronze, green, grey, blue, sandblasted or frosted glass or glass can also be chemically tempered modified Matelux, Satinato, as well as decorative glass Mastercarre, Dominos Crepi, Konfeta, Delta, Flutes, Kůra, Krizet., Quatrix and others.

Some types of Planibel G, Planibel Top N+T coated glass can be tempered with restrictions

Dimensions: maximum size 4500 x 2400mm, minimum size 230 x 230mm (diagonal 310mm) - please consult for details and type of glass.

F3 – max. 1000 x 2000mm, F4 max. 1200 x 2400

processing: maximum size that can be processed, please consult 2400 x 4500mm, minimum size 230 x 230mm


Application (use): dividing partitions, bank partitions, railings, storefronts, elevator shafts and tubes, protective glass, covering glass, shower screens, partitions, doors