ikona Laminated flat glass

Laminated flat glass

Laminated glass is produced by surface bonding (pressing) with an interglazing PVB film of 0.76 or 1.52 mm or EVA film with a standard thickness of 0.4 mm and its multiples (0.8; 1.2; 1.6, etc.). As standard, glass thicknesses of 2 x Float 3mm (6.4mm), 2 x Float 4mm (8.4mm), 2 x Float 5mm (10.4mm), 2 x Float 6mm (12.4mm), 2 x Float 8mm ( 16.8mm). It is also possible to press combinations of stronger glasses 2 x Float 10mm, 2 x Float 12mm, 2 x Float 15mm or bulletproof glasses (for example C1SA or C2SA) or walking glasses 3 x Float 8mm, 3 x Float 10mm and other combinations of glasses

Foil – the most commonly used clear PVB foil is a foil with a thickness of 0.38; 0.76 and 1.52 mm, or EVA in a thickness of 0.4 mm and multiples, longer can normally be provided milk foil in a thickness of 0.76 and 1.52 mm. Colored films of other shades can be provided depending on the total quantity of glass ordered.

Commonly available colors

SounControl film - is one of the commonly used films that increase sound comfort - thus providing increased noise protection.

For certain types of bent glass, layering by so-called resin pouring - Giesharz and Unikam type (poured glass) can be used

Laminated glass types: most common non-ornamental glass can be laminated. Glass can be combined in different ways - clear + colored glass, colored + colored glass.

Combinations of PLANIBEL, planibel bronze, planibel green, planibel gray, planibel azur, planibel PrivaBlue, planibel Dark blue, STOPSOL supersilver and classic in the shades of clear, bronze, green, gray, blue can also be layered. or chemically treated Matelux, Satinato glasses.

Some types of ornamental glass, Mastercarre, Dominos and the like can be layered with restrictions.

Dimensions: maximum size 4400 x 2400mm, maximum weight 450kg - consult for higher weights, minimum size is not limited - please consult for details and type of glass.

processing : the maximum size that can be processed is 4200 x 2200mm, the minimum size is not limited - please consult the details and type of glass.

Glass strength up to 45mm

Application (use): partition walls, bank walls, railings, storefronts, elevator shafts and tubes, protective glass, bulletproof partitions, sound-absorbing fillings, walking glass, stairs, stairways, bulletproof glass

Laminated flat glass

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