3800 x 2800mm - please consult the manufacturer for larger dimensions

Minimum bending radii

R 150 mm for single glazing
R 300 mm for safety laminated
R 300 mm for insulating double glazing
Consult our company for requirements for smaller radii.

Manufacturing tolerances

Unfolded dimension +/- 3 mm (HxW)
Accuracy of curvature (bending): +/- 1/2 glass thickness ( P)
Both deviations can be used on one glass, i.e. the tolerance field in which the actual bending curve can move is the thickness of the glass. This applies to single glasses. For laminated glasses, or insulating double-glazed windows, the deviation is a maximum of +/- 1/2 the thickness of the thickest glass.

Straightness deviation

Deviation of straightness (flatness) max. 2 mm/m length. Spatial tolerance (distortion or torsion) is determined by the use of dimensional and bending tolerances and has a maximum value of:

d = 4mm for V up to 1000 mm
d = 8mm for V up to 2000 mm
d = 12mm for V up to 3000 mm
Consult our company for more precise tolerance requirements.

These are the maximum allowed production tolerances, they do not have to be used.

The optical properties of bent glasses depend on the properties of the components used and are influenced by the properties obtained during bending and therefore produce different optical impressions than straight glass.